Action Alert: Take Action: Support SB 120 (Padilla/Migden)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Take Action: Support SB 120 (Padilla/Migden)

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What are we eating? Require restaurants to provide nutritional information


Increasingly Californians are utilizing restaurants to feed themselves and their families - on average, we eat 218 restaurant meals a year.

So when we eat out - what are we eating?

The government has long required food sold in supermarkets to include information about calories, fat and other nutritional values. But these rules don't apply to restaurants. Some restaurants provide their nutritional information, but it's entirely voluntary, and more than two-thirds of the largest chain restaurants do not provide any information about their food to their customers. But the industry opposes efforts to require menu labeling.

It is time that California chain restaurants provide nutritional information to customers.

Newly introduced legislation in California, if passed, would require fast-food outlets and other restaurant chains in California to disclose on menus and menu boards the amount of calories, carbohydrates, saturated and trans fats, and sodium in the food they serve.

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I request your AYE vote on SB 120 (Padilla/Migden)

Dear Senator,

I request your AYE vote on SB 120 (Padilla/Migden). I think this is an important consumer rights bill.

SB 120 would require restaurant chains with 10 or more outlets in the state to post nutritional information next to items on menus and menu boards.

Such information, clearly displayed at the point of decision, will help consumers to make more informed choices at restaurants and is an important strategy for reducing obesity and protecting the publicís health.

SB 120 is an important step in giving consumers the information they need to make healthier food choices. Consumers have the right to know the nutritional content of restaurant meals.

Thank you.


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